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Terms and Conditions:-

          Installation is included in the above rate
1) Payments terms: -
Advance along with purchase order
2) Validation of quote 15 days.
3) The prices are valid for variation in sizes ,the design and style of product remains unchanged. The customer will be charged on pro-rate basis for difference between the actual sizes and given sizes,
if any, beyond the above variation.
4) Cleaning and removal of old windows not in our scope.
5) After handovering windows, If any service require related to windows & doors , that should be chargeable.
Per visit - Rs.350/-
6) Material unloading & storage should be your scope.
7) All disputes shall be subject Kolkata jurisdiction only.


       Pre-Requisites for installation of Windows:-
1) Fix part glass should be installed from out side, scaffolding and labor arrange in your scope.
2) Walls should be plastered from inside and outside, with inside POP complete.
3) All jams, sills and soffits should be plastered.
4) Window Fabrication Sizes is Width 8-10mm, Height 4-6mm Small On Structural Opening Sizes.
a. Example : Structural Opening Sizes (Width - 1500, Height - 1200) Window Fabrication Sizes
(Width - 1492, Height - 1196).
5) Flooring (where doors have to be installed) should be complete.
6) Aperture should be smooth.
7) Base and top of window should be water leveled and sides should be in vertical plump.
8) Opening should be accessible from inside for installation.
9) Grills: Adequate care should be taken if grills have to be installed.
a. For Horizontal slider Window: Grill should be provided on the outer face of slider before the installation of the window.
b. For Casement windows: Screw type grill is recommended after installation of casement window.
10) Installation should happen before the last coat of paint. At least one coat of paint should be done before installation begins.

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